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Product Purpose

To provide essential information to visitors and potential visitors in a form in which it will be easily accessible to them, and in doing so to provide advertisers with effective access to the defined target audience.

Target Audience

Overseas and domestic visitors to the Marlborough / Nelson / West Coast regions whether traveling by air, coach, car, campervan or backpacking.


Travel wallet/pocket size. Portable, durable, four colour, glossy, easy-to -use format.


Complete visitor guide, with high quality maps, and comprehensive visitor information in easily accessible form detailing the specific areas of Marlborough / Nelson / West Coast while presenting the region as a linked touring route.


95,000 copies per year, printed as 2 issues.


Available free in both the International and Domestic Terminals at Auckland International Airport – (the gateway to the 2,500 000 plus tourists visiting New Zealand this year), plus 140 major visitor locations in Auckland. Over 125 serviced brochure display units in Christchurch, another 140 + in Wellington. Queenstown has 105 serviced outlets. Marlborough/Nelson/West Coast has concentrated display with 3 front line pockets in all Carlton’s displays. Detailed lists attached. Available to all Information Offices nation-wide.
Closely monitored on a regular basis throughout Carlton’s distribution network.
Displayed and freely available at the Wellington ferry terminal.

Advertising Rates

Refer to separate rate schedule for details

Market Size

As stated this year, will bring over 2,700 000 overseas visitors to New Zealand. A growing trend is for visitors to make their travel plans on arrival, rather than arriving with set schedules. Domestic visitor numbers are significantly greater


The success and uniqueness of the Great Time Guide have been established as a result of all of the following factors being combined into a soundly co-ordinate and managed

  • Content and quality to ensure genuine visitor usefulness.
  • Print run geared to market needs.
  • Targeted at overseas visitors as soon after their arrival in New Zealand as possible and available to all information centres throughout New Zealand serving the needs of both domestic and overseas visitors.
  • Distribution management of the highest standard, to ensure effective service to the visitor. The nature of the visitor market is such that it is critical that media servicing the market must be strong in ALL of these key areas.

It is for this reason that the Great Time Guides have developed their position of the market leadership.

Locally Serviced

In order to provide the best possible service to our clients, the Marlborough / Nelson / West Coast Great Time Guide is owned and operated locally. This ensures the product is truly relevant to local needs and effective in promoting the featured advertisers and the region as a whole, while retaining excellent quality and the reliable distribution of a national display network.