Request a Brochures Display Unit
Request a Brochures Display Unit

NZBROCHURES installs and maintain brochures display units in most key locations in the South Island of New Zealand for the convenience of tourists and travellers. They vary in range and size depending on the space available.

The Brochure Display Units have the following advantages to the site owner

1. No cost
2. Tidy and efficiency way of presenting Visitor Information.
3. Site owner is better placed to make potential commissions on bookings.
4. An efficient answer to operators requesting site owner display their brochures. Advise then to contact us direct!
5. Maintained, serviced, restocked by New Zealand Brochures & Distribution.
6. So much to see and do! This really encourages a longer stay in the region and in turn spending longer with you!

You can view the current list of all of our locations here.

To restock brochures, you can simply order replacements from the website or call our friendly team for a personal visit.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a NZBrochures display unit at your premises.