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brochures display unit
brochures display unit
Tourism New Zealand’s own Insight Research team found that over 74% of all visitors to New Zealand pick up printed tourism material when travelling around the country.
Points to consider

Marketing requires a mixed media approach. Online is critical as are brochures – what do you tend to do when you travel overseas?!

Brochures are no use unless they are consistently in the hands of people who could be your customers.

With NZ Brochures & Distribution your brochures will be visible and available 24 hours a day in a large number of carefully chosen high traffic flow locations throughout the regions.

The brochure displays units that hold your brochures are regularly serviced, cleaned and re-filled – 7 days a week.

With your brochures you are reaching customers already in the “buying: decision making” process and looking for exciting things to see and do. It’s wet today – what should we do with the family?

Don’t waste your valuable time trying to do this yourself. Our services are much more cost effective and your brochures will be guaranteed to remain in our brochure display units. If you try to do it yourself your brochures are likely to be re-cycled soon after you have left!

Online portal – www.nzbrochures.com is a wonderful resource where customers can find a one stop ordering and delivery service for all the best tourism brochures and also click through directly to your own website for immediate information.

We are well established and totally reliable – ask our existing clients or places where we display our client’s brochures.


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