Terms Of Trade

All brochure displays contracts between New Zealand Brochures & Distribution (NZB) and the client are for a minimum of a 12-month period with a cancellation period of 3 months.

Payment is one month in advance by Automatic Payment on the 20th of each month or 6 month/12 months in advance by single invoice.

NZB undertakes to distribute the client’s brochures to the outlets included in its services nominated subject to the client’s brochures not being in competitive conflict with any given outlet. NZB undertakes to comply with individual outlet display requirements.

Brochures will be displayed either in the display units supplied and installed by NZB or in such other display devises that in the opinion of NZB provides the brochures with ease of viewing and/or selection. Display outlets may change during contract periods and some outlets are restricted by space so not all brochures can be displayed. The client accepts and acknowledge that its brochure will not be displayed in every location.

The client will ensure that adequate stocks of current brochures are delivered to NZB prior to commencement date and as requested to enable efficient brochure distribution from time to time. NZB will ask the client to supply new brochures up to 2 times in writing. After this time if brochures are not supplied then the client accepts and acknowledges that the brochures will not be on display in all the agreed locations and the client will continue to pay the display fee service without interruption.

Brochure distribution is scheduled deliveries to all outlets. Brochure offtake may vary unexpectedly and therefore constant displays cannot be guaranteed in every location.

This agreement may be cancelled by the client providing 3 months’ written notice, written acknowledgement must be obtained. NZB may also cancel this arrangement by providing the client with 3 months’ written notice.

All brochure stocks supplied by the client are held by NZB at the client’s risk. For avoidance of any doubt NZB will not be liable for any damage or any loss to the client for brochures being held at any time or any place by NZB.

The maximum liability of NZB to the client for any act or omission on the part of NZB shall not exceed the cost of providing the service under the contract for 1 month.

The client warrants that the brochure is not in breach of any statutory or common law provision and that distribution will not result in any claim or action being made or taken against NZB. The client will indemnify NZB against any such claim or action.